Anima - Search for the Sacred Holy Relic

The Dark Dungeon

We arrive at the inn and are welcomed by an older woman waiting for us in the doorway. She tells us she has been waiting for us. Hesitantly we stop and question her meaning. She says she can sense oncoming travelers and welcomes us inside. We cautiously enter and are greeted inside by a large feast layer out on a long table. We question the situation but ultimately our hunger wins out and we sit to eat at the dinner. After talking and chatting about our travels, Skai indicates she is ready to retire and stands up to head to the innkeepers provided bed. As she stands she notices something is very wrong. The others begin to rise as well and immediately we are all affected by some poison that begins to knock all of us out, We try to strike back, and Lyra stands guard over Skai as the others collapse. With a passive hand the woman puts Lyra out as well.

We awaken some time later in a dark cell that seems to be underground. We slowly awaken and begin to quickly search for some way out of the dark low lit room. We soon find a crevice in the wall and Trista lands a heavy fiery punch through the wall breaking them out into a dark hallway. Cautiously she steps out and they are greeted by several undead skeletons armed and set to attack them. Ashland sneakily tries to scan the creatures for anything valuable as the others begin to attack. They take out about four of the creatures to the right in the hallway when all of sudden, Lyra and Skai notice a magical presence coming from behind them. They turn to see a cloak decorated skeleton flanked by six other identical creatures preparing to attack them. Trista is quickly able to sense that their is only one true monster and the rest are mirror images. The troupe focuses their attacks on the true monster and quickly deal heavy damage taking out the master and eliminating the mirror images. After searching the remains they move down the hallway and begin to search for a way out.



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