Anima - Search for the Sacred Holy Relic

The Cobra of a Thousand Flames

After turning down a hallway we Roushen discovers a large cavern like room that is flanked by two long pools of lava and a staircase at the far end. The heated room glows and the ceiling is covered in stalactites. They cautiously enter the room and Ashland tosses a bone into the lava. A motion underneath the surface of the liquid is slightly noticeable and Trista tosses another bone in to try and catch the motion again. Skai decides to shoot an arrow across the room to see if it prompts any traps, but nothing occurs. All of a sudden, Ashland decides to dart quickly forward with the mindset to try and set off whatever creature may be hidden. As he begins to shoot forward, Roushen swiftly holds out his shield to block his path and Ashland crashes into the shield face first and falls to the ground. Roushen scoffs and helps the thief to his feet. The troupe starts to creep forward in the room and takes a few steps at a time. After a few more steps the room becomes eerily quiet and suddenly a giant cobra appears in the room before them. They begin to quickly attack him and unsure where to strike, they attack across the length of the body and Ashland dives his dagger into the ground, causing a sphere of darkness to envelop the room. Trista at one point steps back out of the fight and seems to focus on something for several moments. Meanwhile, Roushen must ward off a giant fireball that issues from the snakes mouth and absorbs the burst into his shield. He unleashes a ghost light attack and deals heavy damage to the cobra. Skai launches a water impact attack against the cobra and leaves a patch of the snakes body almost cauterized and hardened like cooled lava. Ashland and Lyra lay several blows and Trista comes out of her focus to reveal the cobra is weak to water and to strike where Skai hit to deal more damage to the creature. Roushen at one points gets his shield caught in the cobras mouth and is scratched by its poison filled fangs but manages to ward off the poison.

As they begin to lay more blows, the snake coils herself and begins to cocoon her body in a steel like shell that melts and forms around her. Trista is able to deal a final blow into the cobras shell at one point and the shell and bits of fire shoot out around the room, some which burns Ashland on the shoulder some. With the shell gone, the cobra is now an exposed but impressive fiery beast that begins to try and fend the troupe off. However, after several heavy blows, a strong water impact attack, and Roushen dealing a heavy strike that slices the cobra from one end all the way to the mouth, the Cobra of a Thousand Flames is defeated.

Ashland walks away with the snakes eyes that are now rubies, and Roushen digs out a snake hilted bastard sword. Ashland picks up the fangs still dripping with poison and Trista pulls out a roughly cut ruby pendant, remnants of the cobras heart.



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