Anima - Search for the Sacred Holy Relic

The Cobra of a Thousand Flames

After turning down a hallway we Roushen discovers a large cavern like room that is flanked by two long pools of lava and a staircase at the far end. The heated room glows and the ceiling is covered in stalactites. They cautiously enter the room and Ashland tosses a bone into the lava. A motion underneath the surface of the liquid is slightly noticeable and Trista tosses another bone in to try and catch the motion again. Skai decides to shoot an arrow across the room to see if it prompts any traps, but nothing occurs. All of a sudden, Ashland decides to dart quickly forward with the mindset to try and set off whatever creature may be hidden. As he begins to shoot forward, Roushen swiftly holds out his shield to block his path and Ashland crashes into the shield face first and falls to the ground. Roushen scoffs and helps the thief to his feet. The troupe starts to creep forward in the room and takes a few steps at a time. After a few more steps the room becomes eerily quiet and suddenly a giant cobra appears in the room before them. They begin to quickly attack him and unsure where to strike, they attack across the length of the body and Ashland dives his dagger into the ground, causing a sphere of darkness to envelop the room. Trista at one point steps back out of the fight and seems to focus on something for several moments. Meanwhile, Roushen must ward off a giant fireball that issues from the snakes mouth and absorbs the burst into his shield. He unleashes a ghost light attack and deals heavy damage to the cobra. Skai launches a water impact attack against the cobra and leaves a patch of the snakes body almost cauterized and hardened like cooled lava. Ashland and Lyra lay several blows and Trista comes out of her focus to reveal the cobra is weak to water and to strike where Skai hit to deal more damage to the creature. Roushen at one points gets his shield caught in the cobras mouth and is scratched by its poison filled fangs but manages to ward off the poison.

As they begin to lay more blows, the snake coils herself and begins to cocoon her body in a steel like shell that melts and forms around her. Trista is able to deal a final blow into the cobras shell at one point and the shell and bits of fire shoot out around the room, some which burns Ashland on the shoulder some. With the shell gone, the cobra is now an exposed but impressive fiery beast that begins to try and fend the troupe off. However, after several heavy blows, a strong water impact attack, and Roushen dealing a heavy strike that slices the cobra from one end all the way to the mouth, the Cobra of a Thousand Flames is defeated.

Ashland walks away with the snakes eyes that are now rubies, and Roushen digs out a snake hilted bastard sword. Ashland picks up the fangs still dripping with poison and Trista pulls out a roughly cut ruby pendant, remnants of the cobras heart.

The Dark Dungeon

We arrive at the inn and are welcomed by an older woman waiting for us in the doorway. She tells us she has been waiting for us. Hesitantly we stop and question her meaning. She says she can sense oncoming travelers and welcomes us inside. We cautiously enter and are greeted inside by a large feast layer out on a long table. We question the situation but ultimately our hunger wins out and we sit to eat at the dinner. After talking and chatting about our travels, Skai indicates she is ready to retire and stands up to head to the innkeepers provided bed. As she stands she notices something is very wrong. The others begin to rise as well and immediately we are all affected by some poison that begins to knock all of us out, We try to strike back, and Lyra stands guard over Skai as the others collapse. With a passive hand the woman puts Lyra out as well.

We awaken some time later in a dark cell that seems to be underground. We slowly awaken and begin to quickly search for some way out of the dark low lit room. We soon find a crevice in the wall and Trista lands a heavy fiery punch through the wall breaking them out into a dark hallway. Cautiously she steps out and they are greeted by several undead skeletons armed and set to attack them. Ashland sneakily tries to scan the creatures for anything valuable as the others begin to attack. They take out about four of the creatures to the right in the hallway when all of sudden, Lyra and Skai notice a magical presence coming from behind them. They turn to see a cloak decorated skeleton flanked by six other identical creatures preparing to attack them. Trista is quickly able to sense that their is only one true monster and the rest are mirror images. The troupe focuses their attacks on the true monster and quickly deal heavy damage taking out the master and eliminating the mirror images. After searching the remains they move down the hallway and begin to search for a way out.

The Path to the East

We com across a burned down inn that a few straggling zombies seem to be wandering around. We fight them and quickly do away with them.


We begin to head forward on the path and the thief climbs the trees and acrobatically swing from limb to limb. Roushen announces that he notices 4 wolves heading our way and we prepare for attack. The wolves begin to approach us quickly. Lyra is the first to attack and lays a heavy blow into the first wolf’s side. Skai then unleashes a Water Impact spell that hits the wolf on its shoulder and knocks it to the ground, crippling it. Trista steps to the side of Roushen quickly as Roushen holds his arm out to keep her still in his shadow or protection. She then casts a fighting stance to ready for battle. Ashland then attempts to throw a dagger at one of the wolves, but misses and gains the wolfs attention drawing it to the tree Ashland is in. Trista is then attacked by one of the wolves, dodges, and quickly turns to attempt to counter-attack it and swings a heavy punch into the wolfs side. Roushen is facing another of the beasts clamoring onto his shield and swings hi sword slicing into the wolfs side as it falls from his shield.

Trista takes her fighting stance again and prepares for another attack. The wolf reaching for Ashland is unable to reach him as he moves higher up into the tree. He then leaps from the tree but his clock snags on a branch causing him to land unsteadily on the ground onto of the wolf nicking the wolf on its hide. Roushen continues to ward of one of the wolves that now gets under his shield and bites into his arm. The wolf Trista is fighting tries to attack her again, but as it tires to bite her falls short of her in distance and Trista takes the opportunity to attack it. She brings her fist under its chest swiftly and crushes its ribcage, killing the creature and letting it crumble to the ground. Ashland regains his stability and faces off with the wolf he landed on. Lyra turns and swipes at the wolf facing Ashland and strikes its hide as Skai also turns and fires an arrow into its back leg angering the wolf more. Lyra swipes at it again laying a deep slash into its shoulder, but the wolf remains standing. Roushen uses his shield to punch the wolf attacking him in the face, stunning it, and strikes it with sword on the flat of the blade. Ashland tries to slice the wolf attacking him with his dagger shedding some hairs into the air. Skai fires her bow again, landing another arrow in the wolf. The wolf attacking Roushen is then suddenly struck by Trista, crushing its ribs as well, knocking the beast to the ground. The final wolf turns tail, limping away from the slaughter.

We hear a storm brewing and decide to head toward an inn we see further down the path to take shelter.

Beginning the Journey to Find the Holy Relic

We arrive in Brudge on the morning of the expected day. A large man clad in simple armor and a large shield imbued with a black stone arrives first and silently waits. He is followed by a man in a black trench coat with an alert but reserved look on his face. Not long after closer to the meet up time, a young woman with long black hair and bright blue eyes accompanied by a white tiger joins the group gathering. Lastly, a woman in a dark deep red cape steps in hovers in the back. She wears a visor like helmet that stands out from the rest of the area. After the final member arrives in the mansion, they begin to become aware of each other and examine their surroundings. The room we have entered is a large entryway with a staircase leading up to a balcony which overlooks the room all around. As we begin to look around the balcony begins to fill with soldiers armed with crossbows aimed in our direction.


He advises us it will be about a week to travel to the site and we will arrive at a mountain pass. As we travel we will come across several cities where we can stop and rest and gather supplies. There will be one main route through Kanon or we can travel more east to another path, the choice is ours. The woman in the red cloak speaks up demanding that if she were to die in our journey, that her earnings be passed onto her teacher a monk from her home. The man agrees and is then interrupted by the trench coat clad man who asks for 10% of their earnings be provided up front for travel and supply costs. Their benefactor agrees to provide them with 7% and they are each given 70 gold for their trouble. The large man with the shield asks what enemies they may face along the way that could cause them trouble. The benefactor tells them he is backed by the Church and there should be no one to oppose them in their journey. The man questions again, but the benefactor insists that this job is no secret and there should be no personal problems to conflict.

when they arrive in Illium we will meet with a research group at a temple that will assist us in finding the artifact. We question what the artifact is and are denied knowledge. We ask if there is something known to be protecting the artifact, but he is unsure of the details and insists all he knows is that his original team has disappeared. We are to retrieve the artifact and bring it back to the mansion to receive our payment. If we are to fail he will see us as his new enemies or else face death.

the decision arises to choose between the two routes, one quicker but more dangerous, while the other is longer and patrolled and well protected. We quibble over which path to choose as the hooded woman demands the quicker path and the trench coat clad man insists the less dangerous path. The woman with the tiger responds she is inclined to take the quicker route and the decision falls to the armor clad man. He decides the best route is the quicker path and their route is chosen.

we decide to meet at an outdoor pub to drink and gather ourselves before leaving tonight. it is decided before going to eat dinner we will each buy a horse except the woman with the tiger who buys a cloth covered wagon to be tied up to one of the horses and used for carrying supplies. After purchasing supplies we head to lunch at a nearby pub where we introduce ourselves to one another.

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