Anima - Search for the Sacred Holy Relic


Beginning the Journey to Find the Holy Relic

We arrive in Brudge on the morning of the expected day. A large man clad in simple armor and a large shield imbued with a black stone arrives first and silently waits. He is followed by a man in a black trench coat with an alert but reserved look on his face. Not long after closer to the meet up time, a young woman with long black hair and bright blue eyes accompanied by a white tiger joins the group gathering. Lastly, a woman in a dark deep red cape steps in hovers in the back. She wears a visor like helmet that stands out from the rest of the area. After the final member arrives in the mansion, they begin to become aware of each other and examine their surroundings. The room we have entered is a large entryway with a staircase leading up to a balcony which overlooks the room all around. As we begin to look around the balcony begins to fill with soldiers armed with crossbows aimed in our direction.


He advises us it will be about a week to travel to the site and we will arrive at a mountain pass. As we travel we will come across several cities where we can stop and rest and gather supplies. There will be one main route through Kanon or we can travel more east to another path, the choice is ours. The woman in the red cloak speaks up demanding that if she were to die in our journey, that her earnings be passed onto her teacher a monk from her home. The man agrees and is then interrupted by the trench coat clad man who asks for 10% of their earnings be provided up front for travel and supply costs. Their benefactor agrees to provide them with 7% and they are each given 70 gold for their trouble. The large man with the shield asks what enemies they may face along the way that could cause them trouble. The benefactor tells them he is backed by the Church and there should be no one to oppose them in their journey. The man questions again, but the benefactor insists that this job is no secret and there should be no personal problems to conflict.

when they arrive in Illium we will meet with a research group at a temple that will assist us in finding the artifact. We question what the artifact is and are denied knowledge. We ask if there is something known to be protecting the artifact, but he is unsure of the details and insists all he knows is that his original team has disappeared. We are to retrieve the artifact and bring it back to the mansion to receive our payment. If we are to fail he will see us as his new enemies or else face death.

the decision arises to choose between the two routes, one quicker but more dangerous, while the other is longer and patrolled and well protected. We quibble over which path to choose as the hooded woman demands the quicker path and the trench coat clad man insists the less dangerous path. The woman with the tiger responds she is inclined to take the quicker route and the decision falls to the armor clad man. He decides the best route is the quicker path and their route is chosen.

we decide to meet at an outdoor pub to drink and gather ourselves before leaving tonight. it is decided before going to eat dinner we will each buy a horse except the woman with the tiger who buys a cloth covered wagon to be tied up to one of the horses and used for carrying supplies. After purchasing supplies we head to lunch at a nearby pub where we introduce ourselves to one another.



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